What Is GitPrime Exactly?

Updated 9 months ago by Jaala

Traditionally, engineering has relied on narrative and subjective metrics like story points and tickets cleared to demonstrate business value.

GitPrime is an organizational tool, pioneering a different way of measuring and communicating about productivity in software engineering.

Imagine the airplane pilot who has been flying by feel, finally having the instrumentation to make the flight more predictable and reduce risk.

GitPrime provides engineering leaders with metrics in context to ask better questions and advocate for the team with substantive data:

  • How much of your team's burn is going to refactoring old code?
  • Did the change to our sprint cycle have a net-positive effect?
  • How do Wednesday all-hands meetings affect productivity?
  • How well do we share knowledge in code reviews?
  • What did engineering accomplish last week?

By mining data in Git, we are able to increase visibility about team contributions, see where the biggest impact is being made, identify areas to give concrete feedback, and help teams understand how process changes impact the team’s effectiveness.

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