OAuth Permission Requirements

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GitPrime only requires read access to your repos. This permission is needed to process the metadata used to generate our reports. Many Git hosts do not offer the ability to narrow permissions down to just read-only access to private profile information and repositories. When connecting to Git hosts like GitHub and Bitbucket, their standard Oauth permissions include write plus full admin permissions which are never used by our system. Git hosts may require these access levels in order to utilize their API. 

Permissions Needed to Import a Repo Within an Organization

If the repo lives under an organization in your Git host, GitPrime will need access to that organization. 

If you are the owner of the organization:

If you are the owner of the organization you can grant GitPrime access to the organization and all its associated repos. 

If you are a member of the organization:

If you are a member of the organization you will need to send a request to the owner of the organization to grant permissions to GitPrime. Requesting permissions will happen in step 2 below.

Granting Organizational Access 

If you are missing a GitHub organization in GitPrime, you will need to grant GitPrime access in GitHub. Follow the steps below to update GitPrime’s access. 

Step 1: In GitHub, under your Settings > Applications, click the Authorized OAuth Apps then click on the “GitPrime” application. 

Step 2: Here you will be able to see which organizations GitPrime has access to. As seen below GitPrime does not have access to the “myorgsname” organization. 

If you are a member of the org, not the owner, there will be a “Request” button next to the org name which you will have to click. An owner of the organization will receive your request and will be able to grant or deny your request.

Step 3: To give GitPrime access to the organization, click the “Grant” button next to the organization’s name. 

Step 4: Now that you have granted GitPrime access, head back over to GitPrime. Under your GitHub integration, select the Repos tab. If you do not see all your GitHub organizations you may need to click the Refresh button for the Groups to update. 

I did not see a “Grant” button next to my organization

If you saw a red “x” next to your organization rather than the “Grant” button, you will need to grant permissions at the organization level in GitHub. 

Step 1:  Under your GitHub Settings click on the organization you want to give GitPrime access to:

Step 2: Under the organization’s settings click Third-party access and click the pencil next to the GitPrime application.

Step 3: Click the Grant Access button. 

Step 4: You have successfully granted GitPrime access to your GitHub organization.  

Step 5: You will now see this organization with a green check mark for GitPrime under the Authorized OAuth Apps.

Still need help? Email us at support@gitprime.com or click on the chat link in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

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